A Blend of Classic and Modern Features

For added comfort and relaxation, count on Pools and Beyond's rectangle shape pools with its classic lines blended with modern features. Call or text us today or use our convenient online form to get started with your pool installation in Elizabethtown, Shepherdsville or Louisville, KY.

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Size: 12' x 24'
Depth: 4' 8" FLAT

Designed with a flat bottom, it's perfect for children and pool games! It has a spacious, open swim corridor for ultimate underwater enjoyment along with a stylish built-in lounger and four built-in seating areas for maximum relaxation!Features:

  • Three built-in seating areas
  • Spacious swim corridor
  • Flat bottom
  • Built-in lounger

It is 185 square feet and designed with clean lines and beautiful, elongated entrance steps that sure to create the outdoor oasis of your dreams while adding fun and relaxation to your home for years to come!


Size: 14' x 32'
Depth: 3'6" - 5'10"

The perfect way to create a summer to remember! It radiates class and sophistication with its rectangular shape. This lavish Fiberglass Pool will lull you into summer bliss and enjoyment from the first swim, with its built-in relaxation bench and tanning ledge!

  • Spacious swim area
  • Relaxation bench seating
  • Built-in tanning ledge

It is 407 square feet, the Brunswick is perfect for the whole family to enjoy splashing summer fun for years to come!


Size: 16' x 34'
Depth: 3' 10" - 6'

Swim and soak tensions away in the cool, refreshing waters as your backyard transforms into a tropical dream. You can lounge back and relax on the large built-in bench seating while soaking up the summer sun!Features:

  • Stylish rectangle design
  • Spacious swim corridor
  • Large built-in bench seating

It is 488 square feet and holds 18,000 gallons of refreshing water to splash in you will feel like you are on summer vacation all year long!


Size: 14' x 32'
Depth: 4' 8" FLAT

It features a large swim corridor that is perfect for family games of volleyball, Marco Polo, and endless swim fun! It provides relaxation and comfort as you soak up the summer sun with its built-in bench seating and lounger!

  • Spacious swim corridor
  • Built-in lounger
  • Built-in bench seating

The 429 square foot Montreal holds 12,400 gallons of cool, refreshing water to swim, play and soak your summer days away!


Size: 15' x 29'
Depth: 3'8" - 5'9" w/ lounger & table

This pool is ideal for parties with its rectangular as it features a built-in lounger for ample relaxation. With the Hamptons built-in table, you can bring your drinks and snacks out to the pool and enjoy the day!

  • Wide entrance steps
  • Large swim corridor
  • Built-in table
  • Built-in lounger

It is 392 square feet, holds 11,300 gallons of water, and is sure to be a great home to any party! The Hampton shell is backed by a 50-year warranty.


Size: 16' x 38'
Depth: 3'7" - 6'3"

With a built-in tanning ledge, this spacious rectangle swimming pool will no doubt be a summer highlight for all as you can spend your days getting that perfect tan and swimming to your heart's content! Bench seating is perfect for pool parties and fun of all kinds and provides relaxation!

  • The large, spacious swim area
  • Relaxation bench seating
  • Built-in tanning ledge

It is 550 square feet and makes a perfect addition to any family home for years to com

Diamond Tech Color Finish




Sand Stone Beige


Pearl White