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If you're thinking about inground pool installation, you've come to the right place. Pools and Beyond will expertly build your inground pool in Elizabethtown, Shepherdsville or Louisville, KY! Inground pools are a great choice because they allow for flexibility and customization. Plus, you can add a variety of features that'll make your pool look and feel luxurious.

Understanding the Inground Pool Building Process

Inground pool installation is exciting! Let's break down the building process so you can understand the steps necessary to construct your inground pool in Elizabethtown, Shepherdsville or Louisville, KY.

  1. Choose an inground swimming pool design and plan. Our team will help you determine which design is best for your property and lifestyle. You may choose a traditional, modern, or irregular inground pool design.
  2. Obtain an inground swimming pool permit. Don't worry - Pools and Beyond will take care of this step for you!
  3. Prepare for installation. Our team will outline where the pool will be installed in your backyard. We'll create a temporary barrier so you can see where the pool will go. The site will also have to be cleared of trees, bushes, and other elements that are in the way.
  4. Begin excavation. This means that construction is in progress! Our team will ensure we perform this step carefully.
  5. Install the inground pool. We use special tools to set the base. Next, we use a crane to lift and install the pool. Then, we install the plumbing system and necessary piping. Finally, we'll fill the pool with water as we backfill for stability.

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Well, there you have it! The inground pool installation process is lengthy but very worth it. At Pools and Beyond, we will install your in ground pool in Shepherdsville, KY with ease. You can depend on our team to answer all of your questions throughout the process, too. To get started with inground pool installation for your property, give us a call today at 502-277-1020. We can't wait to talk to you about the possibility of installing your in ground pool in Shepherdsville, KY!

"Had a leak in my irrigation system and Mike came out on a Sunday to fix it! Got the whole system going. He's also putting in a pool for me and landscaping. Good pricing and a very hard worker!"

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