Inground Pool Accessories You'll Love

Inground Pool Accessories You'll Love

May 31, 2022

Summer is quickly approaching and you might be thinking about opening your inground pool back up for some fun in the hot sun! Swimming is increasingly popular, especially since it is the fifth most popular activity in the United States, according to Comfy Living. Whether you want to host a pool party or just relax with a quick swim, it is a great idea to invest in your inground swimming pool. How exactly can you enhance your pool-side experience? With pool accessories!


Installing Your Pool


If you don't have a swimming pool and are looking to get an inground pool installation, Pools and Beyond would be the best place to start. An inground swimming pool contractor can help you with planning the perfect space in your backyard to figure out what works best for you. Then comes the inground swimming pool cost, which can also be figured out by your preferred inground pool company to build the swimming pool of your dreams. Once that has come to fruition, you can begin to invest in your backyard space to enhance the fun that comes with having your own inground pool!




Loungers are a great way to relax without having to sit outside of your pool. They are inflatable lounge chairs that sit right on top of the water so you can float around and relax. This also allows for tanning if you enjoy soaking in the summer sun. Loungers come in various shapes and sizes and can even include great add-ons like cup holders, pillows, and more.




A speaker is a great way to enjoy your swimming pool. With a speaker, you have the option to listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks all day long. While you can have a speaker sit on the side of the pool, it is much more fun to have a speaker that sits in your pool! These waterproof speakers can withstand being submerged in water and float around your pool so you can grab them whenever to manage the volume, change the song, and even adjust their lights — if they have any. A speaker is a great addition to any pool party or relaxing day.


Floating Snack and Drink Holder


Although it has been said that you shouldn't eat a heavy meal at least an hour before you head into the pool, that doesn't mean you can't snack! With a floating snack and drink holder, you'll be able to hold your favorite beverages, like water, soda, beer, wine, and anything else. You'll also be able to hold snacks like chips and dip, fruit, and whatever else you would like. A snack and drink holder will float around your pool so you can share the snacks with anyone else who is in the pool with you. Depending on the floater you get, you can even hold your phone to enjoy a streaming service while you snack in the pool.


Waterproof Playing Cards and Floating Card Table


These two inground pool accessories can really spice up your pool parties and family time in the pool. Since the cards are waterproof, they can be submerged in the water, allowing for extended playtime since your cards won't get soggy and ruined. A floating card table will float around the pool so you can get in a game of spades or poker while having drinks and just enjoying the company of your friends and family.


Pool Lights


Pool lights are a great way to accessorize your inground pool. They come in various colors and can even be color-changing. Thinking about swimming at night? With pool lights, you can! This added ambiance is a great way to swim safely at night. This could be an investment, since getting them installed could be costly depending on the size of your pool. The lights may add to the value of your pool, however.


Diving Boards and Slides


A diving board and or a pool slide can add an exciting element to your backyard fun. You no longer have to just swim or lounge in the water. You can now slide or jump into your pool! These are things that may need to be added to your pool after it is completely installed, but are definitely something to consider when you are designing your pool. You will also need to keep in mind the space you have in your pool to make sure your diving board or slide will fit and be safe.


There are many different kinds of accessories you can add to your inground pool. Looking for great ones won't be too difficult, since there are tons on the market, and they can even be added to the design of your pool if you are looking to install one. Looking to install a pool in your own backyard? Contact us at Pools and Beyond to start your design consultation!